Credit Card Terminals

Our compact terminals offer secure and easy process payments. With this terminal, you can accept a complete package of payment options such as gift cards, credit card, electronic benefits, PIN debit, and electronic check services. Our standard gateways provide quick and no-frills solution.

Credit card terminals offer incredible plus points such as:

  • It legitimizes small business
  • Helps level the playing field with your competition
  • Improves cash flow
  • Boost sales
  • Is a relatively inexpensive business expense
  • Encourage buying in general and impulse buying in particular
  • Gives small businesses more credibility

We make sure our clients get terminal set-up instantly and hassle-free. The services are industry proven and ensure serving its people with the best and latest assistance for years to come. We promise reducing the processing costs and increasing the funds. Small businesses can take immense profits from this cutting-edge feature, as it stands for cost-effective and efficient solution for them.

Coupled with essential features, the exceptional terminals are a vital business tool. With them, payment options diversify and easily integrate in every system. Depending on one’s needs, it is easy to find a model that suits their payment volume. Not just models, but we offer a range of connection types as well. Every feature you need to process payments securely and easily is integrated in our products. With the compact hand-held design and contactless payment options, clients can accept every sort of payment. Measures have been taken and implanted to protect you as well as your customers from fraud.

With us, rest assured about customizable solutions to fit your budget and the sole needs of your venture. Oak Trust has steadfast, lucrative and secure credit card processing under its belt.