High Risk Processing

Having a high-risk merchant account that fulfills the business needs is the key to a trouble-free and lasting relationship. Oak Trust understands that every merchant is different and hence, adopts an approach miles away from “cookie-cutter”. Our experts take proper time to know the client’s business and get them processing quickly. With strategic partnerships, we provide businesses with the best merchant account options. It not only increases the bottom line but also works to produce maximum efficiency.

Features of High Risk Processing:

  • Save money on processing:

    We offer lower rates as the merchant account remains in a positive standing.

  • Get money faster

    We deposit in the shortest possible time depending on your account type.

  • User friendly payments

    Through our integrated payment gateway

Oak Trust welcomes a variety of "high risk" business types. Most business accounts are accepted and multi-currency processing is available. We are a leading processor of high-risk merchant account solutions for a number of business types. Our payment processing solutions can help your business have vast savings and get funds deposited quicker than other processors.

Our payment expertise and complete suite of cutting-edge solutions provide low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts.

  • Competitive rates
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer support

Our team understand that be it any business, it relies on a reliable payment processor to accept payments at all hours of business. We look for processors that maintain their processing systems and networks to ensure performance and optimal uptime. Moreover, we analyze different security measures of every payment gateway to determine the degree of security. Oak Trust is proud of its robust customer support process, which strives to assist the merchants in overcoming every issue they come across. Our professionals are at your service every time to ensure that each payment is accepted and processed in a timely manner.

Multiple partners we help with High Risk Merchant Services

  • Tech support

  • Travel

  • Legal Nutra

  • Debt Collection

  • Consulting

  • Tobacco

  • Software/Anti Virus

  • Dating Websites

  • Gambling and Sports Betting

  • Other high risk businesses

*We Do Not Do Pornography or Illegal Substances or any Illegal Businesses.