No federal or state laws prevent a non-citizen from starting a business here. It is not necessary to be an American citizen or to possess a green card to own a business in the United States because the process for incorporating a business in the country is the same for non-residents as it is for residents.


Creating a company entity that is recognized by the state of incorporation is what it means to incorporate a business. It is simple to incorporate in Florida or any other state. What you need to know about starting a business is detailed here, along with advice on opening a business bank account and acquiring a local business license. Contact us by phone (1-800-609-1752), email, or live chat with any questions.

What should I do before I incorporate?

Entities include General Corporation, Closed Corporation, Non-Stock Corporation, Limited Liability Company, and Limited Partnership. Consequently, the initial stage entails selecting the appropriate business entity for your enterprise.

The second step is to select the business formation package that best meets your company's requirements. All state filing fees, registered agent fees, and shipping charges are included. Moreover, please note that there are no hidden fees.

After selecting the package, the following step is to select the business entity's descriptive name and suffix. Incorporated (Inc.), Corporation (Corp.), and Company are frequent suffixes (Co.). The only acceptable suffixes for LLCs are LLC, L.L.C., and Limited Liability Company. Avoid using words like "bank," "insurance," "trust," "university," or "college" in your company's name.

Where exactly should I start incorporating?

Any location is acceptable for incorporating a business. You do not need to start your business in the state in which the physical location of your firm or the state from which you conduct most or all of your business operations is located.

Where can I find information on how to incorporate a business in the state of Florida or in other states?Oak Trust, Inc. is always available to assist with the incorporation process. You can get live assistance from our professionals in real-time or connect with our incorporation specialists directly. You can even email us your queries, and our specialists will promptly respond with advice and customized solutions to your circumstances.

Whom should I speak with if I want to apply for a tax ID number from the federal government?

A Federal Tax Identification Number is another name for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). We will assist you in acquiring an EIN [as a component of our package pricing / for a fee that is affordable]. You may simultaneously place your order for the new formation package and this item.

What are the steps I need to take to form an S corporation?

An S-corporation is a pass-through organization that may be formed by making a tax election with the IRS. We provide cost-effective assistance in forming an S company to meet your business needs. When you establish a brand-new business, you may also complete this step. You will not be required to pay any fees to the IRS to adopt the S-Corporation tax status.

What bank should I start my account with?

One of the numerous benefits of starting a business is that no specific state requires you to open a business bank account. Most of our customers just create a bank account where it is most convenient for them (near where they live, work or do business).


In the sections below, learn more about selecting a company name and business entity type. Recognize the function a registered agent performs for your new company organization. Before beginning a firm, you should be familiar with company formation procedures.

SELECT A COMPANY NAME: Selecting a name for your business is simple, but there are several essential considerations. Along with picking an appropriate name for your company, you need also abide by several rules to increase the likelihood that your name will be profitable, memorable, and simple to identify. Your brand identity should be reflected in the title. You may consider the following ideas while choosing a name for your company.

Things to Take into Account When Naming Your Business

Many companies begin as sole proprietorships, partnerships, or freelancers. The company name may not help establish a strong brand or project a polished image in certain situations.
Here are some things to take into account while you choose a name:

  • How does your name appear?
  • Make a list of potential names.
  • Which phrases best represent your company?
  • What associations does it bring up?
  • Does it represent your company's culture and philosophies?
  • The name is unique.

You probably already have a handful in mind at this time. Underline the phrases that best describe your vision. Pick a name that has significance and is inclusive. Generic words lack the appeal of invented names. Your ultimate result should be an intriguing term or group of words that cover the complete picture.

Various company structures are available, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), corporations, and small business corporations (S- Corporation). Selecting a business entity type with Oak Trust is simple. We assist in selecting a business entity for your firm by removing the formalities associated with procedures like board meetings, creating bylaws, corporate resolutions, etc. We are the ideal option when customers want to raise money by selling stock.



There are several business entity kinds available in the United States of America. Making the appropriate choice for your new firm increases the likelihood of both operational and financial success. With all the details you need to know about limited partnerships, LLCs, general corporations, and exempt companies, we compare the possibilities in-depth. For more information, check the below points:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Non-Profit Corporation (INC)
  • Delaware Corporation 101
  • General Corporation (INC)
  • Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Close Corporation(INC)
  • S-Corporation (INC)
  • Compare Business Entities(INC)


The procedures for forming a corporation differ from state to state. We provide a wide range of goods and services that will make managing and expanding your business simple for you. We will be there for you and help you with the following requirements as your needs change.

Annual Reports on Compliance

It is necessary to create and submit annual reports for your business by a certain date. The reputation of your business rests on your ability to file annually, and outsourcing your annual reports to Oak Trust can shield you from any filing errors.

Business Permits and Licenses

In the USA, there are many filing jurisdictions. The appropriate licenses and permissions will apply to your firm depending on the specific industry and region.

Operating Agreements and Bylaws

One of your company's most crucial legal documents is its bylaws. They are the legal documents that set the foundation for your company's operations. All corporations are required by state law to describe how they conduct their daily business.

Enterprise Coaching

A firm is entitled to a number of perks upon formation. Both intimidating and difficult, compliance may be. We assist you in taking the necessary actions to maintain compliance.

Compliance Monitoring

Online tool Compliance Watch can help with all of your company's compliance requirements. It will notify you of filing deadlines, provide safe online storage, and keep track of other significant chores. Compliance Watch is accessible at no cost for life through Oak Trust.

Service for Registered Agents

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) must keep a registered office open during regular business hours so that they can receive crucial legal and tax papers. The registered agent is the person or business that receives the documentation. Hire us to act as your third-party registered agent to lessen your risk.

LLC & Corporate Kits

Ideal storage space is provided by our corporate and LLC tool for your crucial business documents. You can keep records for your company with the aid of our tool.

A statement of good standing

A Certificate of Good Standing certifies that your business has satisfied all legal criteria and is authorized to conduct business in that state.

Accredited Copies

Your original legal documents for business are copies that have been certified by the state. Your vital business documents can be accurately copied with the assistance of Oak Trust.

Membership & Stock Certificates

Stock certificates are official documentation that a firm issues to its shareholders as proof of their ownership interest in the company. Similar documentation known as a membership certificate is given to members by LLCs.

Written permission

Every time your corporation or LLC takes an important step, the board of directors, shareholders, or LLC members prepare and sign a written consent.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

A corporate organization must have an Employer Identification Number to be identified. EINs are issued by Internet revenue services and are necessary for all tax filings.

Business Permits and Licenses

In the USA, there are many filing jurisdictions. The appropriate licenses and permissions will apply to your firm depending on the specific industry and region.

Form 2553, S Corporation Election

You need to have the appropriate tax categorization if you want to save money on taxes for your company. To take advantage of the associated benefits, many C corporations and LLCs choose to file as S corporations.

Nonprofit Status 501(C)

A nonprofit corporation can help you achieve tax-exempt status. A 501(C) nonprofit organization can be incorporated to establish legal protection.

Choice of LLC Tax Status (Form 8832)

To optimize your tax savings when you incorporate an LLC, it's crucial to pick the proper tax classification. You can modify the default tax status by submitting Internal Revenue Service form 8832 after weighing your alternatives.

Declare Your Business Name

Companies are typically required to register a name for their firm with the state and municipal governments. Businesses can operate under a specific trade name by registering their business names.

Register with Other States

You must register your corporation in each state where you wish to lawfully conduct business. You will need a Certificate of Authority if you want to open an office in a state other than the one where your business is based.


Companies must submit annual reports and pay taxes. To assist you in meeting E-filing obligations and maintaining the good standing of your firm, Oak Trust offers an annual service.


Businesses are required to notify the Secretary of State of any material changes to their business under the Article of Amendment (for companies) and Certification of Amendments.

Conversion of Entities

Oak Trust can assist you if you want to change the kind of business entity. There are numerous justifications for converting your company from an LLC to a corporation, or vice versa.


It is crucial to formally dissolve your corporation or LLC with the state if you must shut down your firm for any reason. Up until the Secretary of State is notified of your business closure, you are responsible for filing annual reports, paying taxes, etc.


After your firm has fallen short of the annual reporting requirement, we can assist you get it back on track. To restore it to full status, we will assist you in taking the necessary steps.

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