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Why Choose Us

Customer trust in the services provided and equitable revenue sharing have always been encouraged by Oak Trust. Providing clients with dependable services and a just share of profits has always been supported by Oak Trust. As a result, Oak Trust has created a referral programme that will be very helpful to you. Our referral programme is thought of as a simple and effective approach.
It's straightforward: If we successfully convert an out-of-date merchant looking for better payment processing services into a client, we will split a portion of the monthly revenues we generate with you.
In addition, ... you will get merchant services, credit card processing, or eCheck services for lower costs than the genuine bundle. Furthermore, there is still no restriction on the number of referrals for merchant accounts you can make and turn a profit.
Our referral program seeks to reward customers who help us grow our business with earnings. It was developed to assist current clients in generating business in a positive environment where both sides gain from it.
This referral program rewards customers who help us grow our business by giving them a cut of their earnings.

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STEP 1Sign a referral agreement

  • Request a referral agreement
  • Find out how to profit from your leads
  • Sign referral form and generate revenue

STEP 2Refer your clients

  • Refer clients with your white-label form
  • We work to get the merchants approved
  • We provide a scalable merchant solution

STEP 3Collect your residuals

  • Track deals in PayKings referral portal
  • Watch recurring revenue sky-rocket
  • Earn 15%-50% net*on active accounts
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