Wireless Credit Card Terminal

If your business is on the move and takes you out of a brick-and-mortar, then our wireless credit card terminal is apt for you. Whether you operate a restaurant or a delivery service, our wireless solutions can help increase sales, efficiency and offer unparalleled flexibility to you and your customers. With our equipment, you can make credit card payment processing a seamless part of your sales and operations.

The wireless terminals look just like a desk-bound countertop models, but its wireless feature allows you to take the terminal with you at your clients’ home or business, on the street or wherever you go. It is compact, lightweight and portable- ideal for businesses on the go.

Benefits of Wireless credit card terminal:

  • No need to miss out on sales to customers who dint bring enough cash
  • More efficient than traditional processing terminals
  • Loaded with features such as magnetic stripe readers, display screens, keypads and PIN pads
  • No need to pay higher rates on transactions because you couldn’t swipe the card

Our terminal solutions are designed to help significantly increase your sales and safeguard you against credit and debit card fraud. We provide the highest level of payment security. We pride ourselves on excellent quality, outstanding customer service and a belief that works closely with our clients from start to finish to build a relationship that lasts.

Real-time processing

Wireless credit card terminal is the best choice for businesses that think about the convenience of the customer. No need to make your customers stand in the long queue as you can approach them with quick payment facility. It is ideal for business such as retail storefronts, professional offices, restaurants, hotel, etc. It is easy to use and you will receive transaction approval responses on the spot, which ensure that the credit card transaction has been approved.